LABEL - LABE-ELBE Adaption to flood risk

Organisation - Boards

For the organisation of the project LABEL, different boards were etablished:

Project Working Groups:

Working Group COMM
The working group decides on the communication strategy and is responsible for the preparation and management of communication media and events. For more information click here (internal pages).

Working Group RISK
The working group coordinates the activities of risk management, discusses methods and reflects the pilot activities regarding risk management. Moreover, conclusions on the methods and guidelines will be developed. For more information click here (internal pages).

Working Group STRAT and ADAPT 
The working group STRAT takes care about setting up a common methodology, structure and content of the transnational strategy. The working group ADAPT coordinates and supervises the activities on risk-adapted uses (tourism and shipping). In addition, a common methodology for each component will be set. The working groups STRAT and ADAPT meet together at the beginning of the project to ensure the best possible exchange. For more information click here (internal pages).

Project Steering Group
The Project Steering Group is the central steering body of LABEL. It takes joint decisions regarding the work plan and budget, communications plan, the external representation of the project and its finances.

Project Management Group
Project participants of all project partners take part in the project management group. The group's goal is to organize all project management related issues as well as the necessary steps for a proper project completion of the project.