LABEL - LABE-ELBE Adaption to flood risk


The aims of the project LABEL are:

  • Preparation and agreement of joint application to flood risk management and the implementation of the EU flood risk management guideline at the Elbe river basin.
  • Identification of measures to adapt different uses to flood risk along the river with focus on tourism and shipping.
  • Raising awareness of flood risk of the affected population.


Some of the main results are:

  • LABE-ELBE 2012 plus: The results, the recommendations and collected experiences in the LABEL project work have been arranged in the joint strategy of the LABEL partnership.
  • Elbe Atlas 2012: The LABEL partners upgraded the existing Elbe Atlas with maps about risk assessment along the Elbe River.
  • Numerous pilot actions about flood risk management in the Elbe River basin: in different pilot areas flood risk maps, flood hazard maps and flood risk management plans as well as measures and strategies about flood risk prevention have been developed.
  • Also the integration of municipalities in flood risk management was one of the LABEL aims: in close cooperation with municipalities in Saxony, some constraints for a better risk prevention and possibilities of solutions have been identified.
  • Joint recommendations for a flood risk adapted water tourism along the Elbe River: On the basis of numerous pilot studies, the LABEL regions developed joint recommendations of use and improvement of the existing potentials for a risk adapted water tourism along the Elbe River.
  • Numerous pilot actions of adaptation of touristy use on flood risk: Different partner regions in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria identified possibilities of sustainable flood risk prevention while supporting the development of tourism.
  • The flood partnership Elbe is a voluntary association of affected communities, cities and counties. By sharing experiences and cooperation of the involved, plans are arranged, conflicts solved and strategies to improve the local flood risk and disaster prevention are developed and optimized.
  • LABEL moving exhibition about flood risk: the exhibition contains 15 stand-up displays and is targeted to the affected public. It can also be borrowed at the project end.
  • Water guide “WaterCultureLandscape” Elbe: A  brochure and an internet platform present special sights with reference to water along the Elbe River. The platform also offers possibilities to take part:
  • Media contest about flood protection: the aim of the contest was to creatively illustrate one or more behavior tips concerning flood prevention. Submissions in the categories poster, movie and creative have been awarded at the LABEL final conference.
Map of all LABEL Results