LABEL - LABE-ELBE Adaption to flood risk

Politics workshop - Transnational cooperation in practice

The project LABEL is now soon finished, important and very specific results have been reached, that will improve the cooperation along the Elbe sustainably.

In the Workshop "Transnational cooperation in practice: how does european cooperation work in flood risk management along the Elbe?" in Berlin on November 17th 2011, from 10-14:30, the partnership, products and pilot projects as well as ideas for further cooperation are presented. Discussions will focus on how to disseminate the products more effectively and how to further develop the Elbe cooperation and the INTERREG programmes from a practical point of view.

The language of the Workshop is German. Translation is not foreseen.




Elbe River (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)
Cyclist along the Midland canal (near Magdeburg, Germany)